Glorya Hatanga

Glorya Hatanga (Int.Ch(WCF))

Наши кошки

Color: n 21 33 09 – seal tabby point with white lockets
Date of birth: is 23 December 2015
Dad: Ch.(WCF) Mikhas Siberian Samotzvet
Mom: Gr.Int.Ch.(WCF), GCH.(ICU) Samanta Nevskiy Modern
Breeder: Yampolskaya Lyudmila, Moscow, Russia
Owners: Matsko Tatsiana and Sergei

PKD и HCM – negatively
FIV, FeLV, FPV, FIP – negatively


An independent, important, powerful cat. She’s regal accepts the tenderness and love of others. She’s sure that everyone is obliged to love her, to regret, to undead). In response, she gives the same powerful flow of love and tenderness. During this flow, Gloria knows how to turn on the “motor-tractor” – a gentle but loud rumbling).

Glorya Hatanga is an amazingly beautiful, powerful Neva masquerade cat. Tender, caring mommy. Power, beauty and tenderness are an amazing combination in our Glorya.


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