On November 25, 2022, adorable babies were born in the nursery!!!
We come up with names for three charming girls of litter D!

You can see the children from the previous litter of this couple in the tab
“Previous litters” – Litters Sh, Yu


– I’m sitting here … I’m waiting for spring! Here are too many strange animals who fly and run around me.
Little Prince Emil
Lesnaya Skazka in anticipation of spring.
We are very pleased to receive such wonderful photo greetings from our kids!
Thanks! We see and feel that our kids are loved and happy. It make us happy too!


Here is a wonderful video sent to us by the owners of our Focus graduate.
Focus is a big fan of marshmallows and waffles.
And since they don’t feed the pet with marshmallows and waffles, the poor cat has to get sweets on his own)))


All kittens of the cattery found their homes!

The next litter has not appeared yet, but you can already leave

preliminary application.

And also get advice on the acquisition and care of a kitten.

We expect the birth of “Yu” litter babies in the second half of February 2022.

Future babies will be ready to move to a new family in early June 2022

Welcome summer with a new family member!

Parents of future kittens:

You can see the babies from the previous litter of this pair in the tab

«Previous litters» — Litter Sh

Why we advise you to buy a Siberian kitten in our cattery:


Our pets are members of our family. They live with us, participate in all our household chores – they help to put things in order))), protect our sleep), help to work remotely, if necessary, they like to receive guests.

And they will behave in the same way in your family. They will be with you. They do not need to be tamed, taught.

We love every kitten of our cattery, for every kitten we find time to feel sorry for him, to hold him in his arms, to teach him that a person is a friend, this is the second “mom or dad”)


We carefully monitor the health of our pets. The parents of our kittens are tested for genetic diseases. Constantly tested for viral diseases. Our kittens undergo mandatory vaccination at the age of two months and revaccination at the age of three months. We give you a healthy kitten after the incubation period has passed. Together with the kitten, an international veterinary passport is transmitted (it also allows the pet to travel abroad with you).


We make sure that our kittens are microchipped — in any of the most unforeseen and undesirable situations, they should have a chance to return to your family.


All our producers have the most famous breed lines in their ancestors. Lines that are recognized as successful ancestors of the Siberian breed.
Our ancestors have repeatedly become winners of various rings, shows, have high titles, including world champion titles.
Our kittens, growing up, continue to confirm their high breed qualities.
Our kittens are purchased by well-known and respected catteries, which confirms the high level of our babies. Our pets are producers in nurseries in the Russian Federation, USA, Germany, Spain.


We keep in touch with the owners of our kittens. We give consultations, recommendations, explain the stages of growing up a kitten. We help you choose the right food. At any time we are in touch and ready to answer any questions of the owners of our kittens. And, of course, together with the owners we are proud of the beauty of our growing pets!


We are ready to provide the contact details of the owners of our graduates (only with their consent!) so that they can tell you about their character and health.
Also, for recommendations, you can contact the chairman of the NGO of the Belarusia Felinological Center “Felita” to confirm our responsible attitude towards pets.