Patricia Lesnaya Skazka

Patricia Lesnaya Skazka (Int.Ch. (WCF))

Color: n 33 09 – seal point with white lockets
Date of birth is January 22, 2019
Dad: NW’13 S.Ch. DVM (FIFE), W.Ch.(WCF), IW’10Su.Gr.Ch.(ICU) De Aramis Sineglaziy Angel Baraj*RU n 21 33 03
Mom: I.Ch(WCF) Glorya Hatanga n 09 21 33
Breeders: Matsko Tatsiana and Sergei, Minsk, RB
Owners: Matsko Tatsiana and Sergei

Our long-awaited child of even color. An important, regal girl. She knows how to show herself and present herself. It was especially surprising to observe in a small crumb: “You wanted to see me? Here I am! Admire !!! ”
Big girl with bright blue, almost violet eyes.
She fearless, proud, independent, curious, fast and at the same time, like mom Glorya, a gentle, affectionate cat. She loves to sleep next to us, it is even better with dad on the arms – it’s warm, cozy and calm there) And they regret all the time)))
Patricia conquered us with her beauty, power and tenderness.


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